50 State Album - #29, Texas

Trevor's 50 State Album has a new page, following our November trip to Texas

The album is starting to fill up (29/50 done!). I love looking through it and reminiscing on all the wonderful trips we've done. And seeing the 21 blank pages makes me so excited about the adventures that remain! Of the missing states from Trevor's album, I have been to two (Virginia and Montana), but all the rest will be new not only to Trevor but to me as well. Trevor will be traveling with his school over spring break to Washington DC (which will include time in Virginia), so he'll have #30 then. 

As for the rest of the states, we don't have firm plans yet. We're planning to do a multi-state trip over the summer, probably to see the final four New England states. We're hoping to spend either Thanksgiving break or Christmas break in Louisiana. Exciting times ahead!


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