Creativation 2019 - Cool Products

So yesterday was all about the hot products revealed at Creativation 2019. Today is about the things I personally found super cool that didn't necessarily have the same amount of hype. I've included affiliate links for the products that are already available; the ones without links are not shipping yet. I'll update those when I can.



I think people are going to fall in love with StickTogether! It's equally fun for adults and kids, great for individuals and groups. It's basically a big paint-by-number using stickers and it is SO addictive. Every time I passed by their booth, I saw people adding stickers to the mystery poster. Can you tell what it's going to be?

If you said "unicorn," you're right! StickTogether has a bunch of different designs, plus they're launching custom designs as well, which is REALLY exciting! You'll be hearing more from me about Stick Together soon.  

BoBunny Sweet Clementine

I LOVE the colors in this collection. It reminds me of my wedding

WRMK's Big Happy Jig

At first, I thought this was just a cool wire-bending jig. Which it is. But what makes it EXTRA cool is that WRMK is selling neon wire in a bunch of colors that will light up a room!! If that isn't cool, I don't know what is. 

Echo Park I {Heart} Crafting

This is such a cute collection, and perfect for scrapping all about crafting!

Concord and 9th Crafty Turnabout Stamp Set

Take. My. Money.

In case you've never seen Concord and 9th's Turnabout stamps, check this out:

Darice Wood Cell Phone Holder

I really, really want a bunny cell phone holder. They had so many cute designs and I love that you can paint them however you want. 

Plaid Brush Basin

I don't think this is actually new, but I'd never seen or used the Plaid Brush Basin before. Now that I have, I MUST get one of my own. The grooves along the bottom make brush cleaning so easy! And I love the storage. This isn't a great photo, so click the link above to see all the features. 

FreshCut Crafts Pop-Up Cards

I'm always on the lookout for self-contained, kid-friendly kits. FreshCut Crafts' pop-up card kits have everything you need inside except glue. All the pieces are pre-cut, meaning you don't need scissors to do these on-the-go.

They sent me home with their unicorn card kit, which I brought along to a Scout event so that I could test if the kit was truly self-contained. 

Yes! It took me about 30 minutes to make the two cards. It was so convenient having everything pre-cut and the directions, which are primarily pictures, were very easy to follow. I do question the 5+ age recommendation - I don't think most 5 year olds have the dexterity or patience to make these. I'd recommend 7+ for kids to work independently.  

Anyway, the cards turned out so cute! My niece turns 6 next month and she'll be getting one of these. 

John Bead Bunny Rabbit

I am DESPERATE to get a pack (or 10) of the white bunny charms. I have big plans, but they are not available for retail sale yet. Soooooo cute!

Carpe Diem Seasons Stamps and Get it Done Stamps

These stamps are intended for planners, but I want them to make backgrounds for cards and layouts. They're so cute! I can totally see using these for a ton of projects.


Wagner Studio Dual-Temp Heat Gun

I need a heat gun and this is the one. It is comfortable, powerful, and has two settings. I couldn't walk away while this woman was melting candies in metal cookie cutters, then popping them out in fun shapes.

Satin Ice Modeling Chocolate

Satin Ice makes my very favorite fondant and soon they'll be selling my very favorite modeling chocolate. I had great fun playing with it, and it's absolutely delicious, too!

Darice Scout Fabric

I have big plans for this fabric when it's available for purchase. 

Echo Park Animal Safari

This zoo collection caught my attention because it isn't the typical super-cutesy, babyish zoo collection. There's a place for that, but this is a breath of fresh air and far more versatile. 

Beacon Adhesives Glo-Brite

Not only would this be AMAZING for a glow-in-the-dark party, but I can see so many safety applications as well. Fun stuff, and the same great quality that Beacon Adhesives is known for. 


This is just the tip of the iceberg! I saw so many clever, COOL crafts at Creativation. Tomorrow I'm going to tell you all about the trends I spotted. 


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh I am LOVING it all!!!! I wish I would have been there to see it all with you!! Those fabrics look awesome!!!!!!!!!


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