Creativation 2019 - Hot Products

Creativation allows manufacturers to show retailers, designers, and influencers their latest craft innovations. Part of what I do at the show is to figure out which products are getting the most buzz and share with you the don't-miss items that debuted at the show. So what was everyone talking about? Read on to find out! I've included affiliate links for the products that are already for sale. The ones that aren't linked have not been released yet; I'll update with links as they're available. 


Mod Podge Ultra

This spray-on version of Mod Podge is an all-in-one glue and sealer that works on wood, fabric, canvas, and many other surfaces without leaving brush marks. It comes in glossy and matte.

Waffle Flower Media Mat

This suction-back silicone mat has a 9" x 12" work area, 12 palette squares, guidelines and a center mark. It is safe for heat guns, glue peels right off, and is washes easily with soap and water. 

AdTech Dripless Glue Guns

I already love AdTech's glue guns, but their new dripless guns are a game-changer. The new ergonomic design pulls excess glue back into the gun, leading to a 90% reduction in dripping and strings. Hurray!

Faber Castell White Lettering Pens

There was a lot of talk about these gorgeous white lettering pens. The set includes a brush nib, calligraphy nib, 1.5 bullet nib, and 2.5 bullet nib. The opaque ink is immediately visible and waterproof when dry.

E-6000 Plus

I'm assuming that you already know and use E-6000. This product has the same strength and versatility but without the familiar smell.

Xyron Glaminator

Foil is hot, hot, hot! There were quite a few foil-related products that debuted at Creativation, including the Glaminator, which can both apply foil and laminate. 

ArtBin Vinyl Storage Rack

Speaking of vinyl, ArtBin came up with a rack to hold up to 12 rolls of vinyl. Lots of people were checking it out.

Diamond Dotz' Disney Designs

Needleart World, the maker of Diamond Dotz, now offers licensed Disney designs. They're not for sale yet, but based on the talk at the show, they're going to be huge!

Pebeo Porcelaine Outliner

There was always a big crowd at the Pebeo booth. A lot of the buzz was about the Porcelaine Outliner and Porcelaine 150 paints (55 colors). This bake-on paint works on porcelain, china, glazed earthenware, terra cotta, metal, glass, and more.

Pebeo Drawing Gum

This drawing gum acts as a resist and it is FABULOUS. It has a 0.7 mm plastic tip and the resist dries very quickly. Add colorant over the top, let it dry, then rub away the drawing gum. 


Folk Art Dragonfly Glaze

This shimmery paint creates a gorgeous iridescent sheen over light or dark bases. The pigments show multiple colors from different angles.

I could keep going because there were so many hot products revealed at Creativation 2019, but I'm going to end here. Tomorrow I'll show you some cool products - not necessarily a major part of the show buzz, but things that caught my eye and are most definitely cool.  


  1. Wow!!! These all seem amazing!!!! I wonder if I could use that new glue gun? I will have to research it!!!


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