A Crafting Necessity: The Brightech Lamp

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Have you ever received something you didn't know you needed, then wondered how you ever lived without it? Such was the case for me and my Brightech lamp. It is AMAZING!

I received the LightView XL Magnifying Glass Light 2-in-1 Floor Standing-to-Table Lamp to try out back in late November. For the past six weeks, I've been wishing I'd bought one years ago! I love everything about it. It's easy to adjust and provides beautiful light right where I need it. The huge rectangular lens magnifies 2.25 times, which has come in very handy for my aging eyes. (No more calling Trevor over to read fine print for me!) I've used the magnification without the light, the light without the magnification, and both together.

So how have I used my lamp? I used it to fix my REACH tag when the rub-ons didn't transfer completely.

I used my 005 Micron pen to dot in the places where the rub-on was missing. Piece of cake with the magnification!

It's great for sewing, a frequent activity for Scout parents.

I can thread needles again! (Note to self: Schedule appointment with optometrist. Clearly, it's time for glasses.)

Steve has taken my lamp out to his electronics desk in the garage. 

I'm not sure it would be possible to solder such a tiny circuit board without the light and magnification.

My mom used the lamp to read more comfortably and is planning to buy her own. She often reads holding a magnifying glass. No more!

Obviously, I highly recommend the LightView XL Magnifying Glass Light... even if your eyes are still young! It's allowed me to do precision crafting at night, which I'd never done before. It provides amazing hands-free magnification. It provides white light exactly where I need it. I could go on and on.

If you received any Christmas money, treat yourself to a Brightech magnifying lamp! There are a lot of different styles, so visit their website to see which is best for you. They offer free shipping over $50 and free returns if you're not happy with your lamp (but I can't imagine that being the case).

If you already have a magnifying lamp, tell me how you use it. There are probably a dozen more uses I haven't thought of yet!


  1. Oh geez, Cindy... I'm trying to spend LESS money this year! LOL But this looks like a great investment for me since my eyes are "aging" also ::sigh::

    1. Haha! Sorry! But the lamp definitely is a good investment. And it's much cheaper than the optometry appointment and glasses I need are going to be - LOL!

  2. Now you and Doreen know WHY I wear glasses!!!! LOL!! I actually have two pair -- one for walking around the planet, and one just for computer!! LOL!!! I have the magnifying OttLite and I love that one too!!!!!

  3. Wow. I love that you can do precision work in the night too. I usually save that for weekends when I'm home for most of the day.


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