Bird Crafts for Kids

If everything went as planned, I got back from Creativation late on Monday and took Steve in for a medical procedure yesterday. I plan to get my Creativation posts up starting on Monday. In the meantime, I wanted to show you the progress I've been making toward one of my 2019 resolutions.

One of my goals was to make a page on my blog to house all of my animal crafts. But once I saw how many there actually are, one page became six. I've completed the first, Bird Crafts for Kids, which has 47 different crafts. I had no idea I'd done so many bird crafts!

I made the graphic above to put on my Crafts by Holiday/Topic page as a way to navigate to the bird page. But when I put it there, it was way too busy. I simplified, and this is what you'll see on that page:

I'm making good progress on my Invertebrates page. It should be ready to share tomorrow.


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