Creativation 2019 - Trends

The year 2017 brought us cacti, hot air balloons, flamingoes, pineapple, adult coloring and dreamcatchers. 2018 was the year of llamas, mermaids, unicorns, narwhals, sugar skulls, teapots, and hand lettering. Many of those are still around and going strong. But what does 2019 have in store for us that's new and fresh? I visited all of the booths at the Creativation show to see what I could find. The biggest trend? Avocados. Yes, avocados.



I can't explain it, but avocados are showing up in stickers, stamps, patterned papers, metal dies, paintings, wood shapes, and pretty much everything else. Vegetables in general are trending, but avocados outnumber all the other vegetables combined. 


The Word 'Yay'

There's no doubt about it - YAY is trending. Oddly, every example I found had YAY written in all capital letters. 



After Needleart World introduced Diamond Dotz in 2017, diamond art has spread like wildfire. I was not surprised to see many versions of diamond painting at the Creativation show. Of course, there were also plenty of new Diamond Dotz kits on display, including their newest Disney-licensed designs. Other companies had their own version of 'painting' with a variety of "dotz." 


Sloths were almost a trend last year; I found three at the show and suspected they were going to be emerging soon. Sure enough. This year, they are everywhere. 



Tacos have never been more popular, and that includes in the craft world. 


It's hard to believe it's been almost a decade since we first "put a bird on it." Owls had their moment, then peacocks, and then flamingos swept in. In 2019, expect to see toucans (with or without flamingos). Any predictions for the next big bird trend? (Haha- wouldn't it be awesome if Big Bird trended? Stranger things have happened! Like avocados.)


French Fries

Sure, french fries are delicious, but have you ever wished you could craft with them? If so, you're in luck. French fries are trending. It's finally easy to scrapbook about your love of french fries! (French bulldogs, and other small dog breeds, are trending too.)


It's also a good time for vinyl and foil, sparkles and glitter, hedgehogs, mermaid/animal mashups (mer-kitty, for example), marbling, animals wearing glasses, balloon dogs, food puns (especially sushi and other Asian foods), and pre-formed looped yarn. 

What do you think? Any trends you'll embrace? Any that are a definite no?


  1. I love,love,love the avos and the sloths! Actually all the trends are pretty fun this year (except the dots, I have no interest in those). And I saw a peek of some llamas, but not a big trend this year? Darn! Though I think I have plenty and I know I still can buy more on SB.com!

    1. Llamas are HUGE, still going strong from last year when they emerged as a major trend!

    2. Taco about punny. I sushi what you did there.

  2. ^^^HA!! to your punny convo up there!! And I will repeat what Doreen said and say, "YAY!" to all the trends this year ... well, except for the avocado -- I am so not a guac girl! LOL!! :)

  3. Yay to these trends!
    P/s: I love avocados! :)

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