A Visit to Glashoff Sculpture Ranch

About 8 years ago, our family started to notice fabulous custom mailboxes popping up in the agricultural area in our city. New ones showed up each month or so. Now nearly every rural property in our area has its own personalized mailbox made from reclaimed materials, each the work of local artist Phillip Glashoff. We'd been admiring Glashoff's work for many years. His whimsical sculptures are all over our area - in restaurants and offices, in the lobby of the Downtown Theater, and in homes. His art is instantly recognizable, yet each piece is one of a kind. 

Last weekend, we made an appointment to visit Glashoff Sculpture Ranch, where Phillip Glashoff lives, works, and displays his art. It is incredible. 

Glashoff Sculpture Ranch is in the Suisun Valley, less than 10 miles from our house, in the heart of wine country. 

The road into the property is lined with dozens of whimsical characters. 


Artwork is on display in every corner of the ranch. There is so much to see. 


Every sculpture starts with reclaimed materials, which Glashoff sources from junkyards. He collects materials he knows will be useful, but doesn't start with a design. Instead, he lets the materials guide the artwork. When you look closely at a sculpture, you recognize the gears, silverware, springs, pipes, garden tools, and other items that inspired the piece.



I am smitten with the many animal sculptures. 

I love the musical instruments, too. 

I love this photo that Steve took...

Yes, that's a full-size real car. 

And it wasn't the only one. 

Here are some oversize keys to go with the cars.

Hey, another Liberty Bell replica

This assortment of mailboxes is for sale. I tried, but it's impossible to pick a favorite. 

We had such a fun time exploring Glashoff Sculpture Ranch together.

I highly recommend a visit to Glashoff Sculpture Ranch. Visits are by appointment only; field trips are available as well. We can't wait to go back and see what's new!


  1. Wow!!! His work is AMAZING!!! I would LOVE that one with the peace symbol!!!


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