Footprint Unicorn

It's been awhile since I've shared a footprint craft. I used to do them with Trevor all the time to preserve his tiny feet in my memory. His feet are no longer tiny. He's just a little bit shorter than me and his feet are about the same size as mine. 

Trevor is not into unicorns. This footprint unicorn was inspired by my niece, Allison, who lives and breathes unicorns. Her feet, small and cute, are 600+ miles away from me now, so I had to use my own foot for my craft. Affiliate links below. 


Footprint Unicorn



Trace your foot on a piece of white construction paper. This will be the unicorn's head. Cut it out, then trace your arm on the large white scrap. This will be the unicorn's neck. Cut it out. Cut two ears and two nostrils from the remaining white scraps. 

Cut a horn from pink construction paper. Cut two inner ears from the pink scraps.

Lay strips of purple diagonally on the horn, glue them in place, and then trim the excess. Cut two eyelids from the purple scraps.

Cut a bunch of yarn pieces approximately 2" long. The easiest way to do this is to wrap the yarn many times around the fingers of one of your hands, then cut it on both sides of your hand to get pieces all the same length. Set aside 2/3 of the yarn to use for the mane. Tie one piece of yarn around the remaining yarn to make a tight bundle. 

Glue one strand from the bundle behind the middle toe of the cut-out foot. 

Glue the ears and the horn in place, then bring the yarn bundle forward and arrange it to make the forelock. 

Use the sharpie to darken the nostrils, to draw a mouth, and to add eyelashes to the eyelids. Glue the eyes, eyelids, and nostrils to the unicorn's face. Glue the remaining yarn to the back of the neck. Finally, glue the unicorn's head to the neck. 

You can't see the sparkle in the yarn very well in the photo, but I love how it looks in real life. Change out the yarn with pastels, or bright rainbow colors, or whatever you prefer. With a mythical creature, there's definitely no right or wrong!


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