'God is Love' Alphabet Block Cross

Trevor was baptized thirteen years ago today, on September 3, 2006, just shy of three months old. By fun coincidence, I have a religious kids' craft to share today. 

Two things first though, before my tutorial: an interesting article about why the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America practices infant baptism and the layout I made following Trevor's baptism. I thought I'd shared it on the blog before, but I can't find it. So apparently I didn't. Now I have. 

...and the Lord blessed him (affiliate link here and below)


'God is Love' Alphabet Block Cross



Arrange the blocks into a cross shape with GOD horizontal and LOVE vertical. If you are happy with the colors, skip the painting steps that follow. Otherwise, add a coat of gesso to the blocks.

Paint the fronts of the blocks in your desired color(s), then paint the other sides black.

Use the glue gun to form the cross.

The cross will stand up on its own, so you can display it on a flat surface, or add an eye hook to turn it into an ornament for the tree or to hang it somewhere else. 

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