We had such a great time in Monaco last spring. It's a beautiful country and our time there was far too short. 

Monaco (affiliate link)

Picking which photos to scrap wasn't as difficult as usual. It would have been much harder if we'd been able to take photos inside the prince's palace, but we weren't. Instead, I included one photo of the changing of the guard to help us remember the palace. Along with photos from the Grand Casino, the Rock of Monaco, Prince Rainier's tomb, and the famous Gran Prix hairpin turn, they tell the story of our visit fairly well. 

I was particularly pleased to dig up and use that chipboard race car! I've had it for quite a few years. I layered three different stickers from the same collection to hold the title banner. The polka dot strip is from Scenic Route (sigh... miss them). I'm happy with this layout.


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