Coffee Filter Folklorico Dancer

Mexico celebrates their independence on September 16 (not May 5, as some mistakenly believe). Celebrate Mexican culture with a craft featuring a beautiful folklorico dancer.

Coffee Filter Folklorico Dancer


  • 4 dyed coffee filters (tutorial here)
  • skin tone construction paper 
  • scissors
  • craft glue


Color the coffee filters and let them dry completely. Fold three coffee filters in half, then layer them inside each other to form the skirt. Set the skirt aside. 

Cut the fourth coffee filter in half, then accordion-fold it. Crease it well, then twist the waist area to hold the folds. 

Cut a head, neck, and arms from the construction paper. 

Add hair by cutting black construction paper to match the shape of the head. Add a piece on top for a bun. Nothing should be glued at this point. 

Take time to refine your shapes. I slimmed up my dancer's face and snipped the blouse to give the impression of sleeves. I put her hair more upright and made her belt smaller. I also gave her legs (both from the same piece of paper, but the light is making it look like two different colors). 

Cut out black shoes. When you're happy with how everything looks, glue it all together. I added a fun flower brad (affiliate link) to her hair as a final touch. You can add a face; I chose to leave it blank.  

To my Mexican and Mexican-American friends and readers, I wish you a joyful independence celebration on Monday!


  1. So cute! LOVE the happy colours!

  2. This is GENIUS!! I loveeeeeeeeee the colors!!!

  3. I was looking for something like this with tissue paper, but this is even better! Thank you!!!


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