... that one coworker who...

Steve and I both work from home, but Steve is not the one I refer to when I mention my coworker. My coworker weighs 6 pounds and sits under my chair almost every workday. He answers to Trouble... when he chooses to answer, that is. 

... that one coworker who... (affiliate link)

I've been known to complain about my coworker snatching my papers, sneaking into the craft room, or gooing on the hem of my jeans while I'm trying to get things done. When I took the picture of my coworker sitting innocently under my chair, I knew I wanted to make a page about how we all have that one coworker. I started brainstorming all the wacky things my coworker does and laughed the whole time I was doing the journaling for this page. Silly Trouble! 


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