Cub Scout Pack Pride Pin

I've been cleaning out my Cub Scout leader stuff and passing it on to our local pack. I've unearthed some items I'd forgotten about, like the Pack Pride Pins our Cubs made during their Blue & Gold. In that post back in 2013, I told you I'd share a tutorial in a future post. Oops. I guess this counts as a future post, six years later! Affiliate links below.

Cub Scout Pack Pride Pin



Sort out the beads you will need. Each Pack Pride Pin needs 4 yellow beads, 10 blue beads, and three number beads. 

Cut a piece of lanyard lace approximately 18" long. Fold it in half and use a cow hitch to attach it to the safety pin. You'll now have two cords hanging down securely from the safety pin.

String one yellow bead through both cords and push it up toward the safety pin. 

For Row 1, lace three beads (blue-yellow-blue) on one cord, then lace the other cord through the same beads in reverse order. Pull both cords snugly.

For Rows 2-4, follow the same steps as Row 1, but replace the yellow bead with a number bead (blue-number-blue). Pull snugly after each row. 

For Row 5, repeat the steps from Row 1. 

String the final yellow bead onto both cords and push it toward Row 5. Tie off the ends with an overhand knot or a square knot. Trim the cords if needed. 


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