Diamond Art Scissors Hair Accessory

With my fabulously-organized stash of leftover Diamond Dotz, it's super easy to pull out exactly the colors I need to bedazzle just about anything. In this case, a pair of chipboard scissors.

But it's not just a pair of scissors - it's my new hair accessory, inspired by Fiskars beloved orange-handled scissors!

My original plan was to turn it into a necklace, but I already have a scissors necklace. Affiliate links below. 


Diamond Art Scissors Hair Accessory



Paint the scissors (orange on the handles, silver on the blades). When the paint is dry, use craft glue to attach the dots to the scissors. Finally, use E-6000 to attach a bobby pin to the back of the scissors. Your masterpiece is ready to wear!


You probably already know how awesome Fiskars scissors, trimmers, punches, and other craft tools are. But that's not all they make! Fiskars makes my favorite gardening tools as well. Here are some of my favorites.


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