Fingerprint Family Christmas Tree

This festive Christmas tree centerpiece is a special keepsake because each portion is decorated with a different family member's fingerprints! Look closely at the base - each person signed their name. Since the two wood pieces come apart, the tree is really easy to store. I wasn't able to find the same tree I used, but there's one I like even better in the materials list. Affiliate links below. 

Fingerprint Family Christmas Tree



Paint the wood tree pieces and let them dry completely. 

There is space for up to 8 family members to participate per tree. Each tree is made up of two wooden pieces, each with a front and a back, each of which can be divided into left and right. Below, you can see that I signed my name at the left-hand side of one base, then used my fingers to add dots of paints only on the left-hand side of the tree. Someone else will fill in the right-hand side, while two other people do the same with the other wooden piece. 

After those front four sections are dry, the last four family members can complete the left and right sides of the backs of the two trees. 

After all the paint is dry, assemble it to create an 8-sided tree with each family member's name at the bottom. 

I suggest buying multiple trees to allow for your family to expand. As inlaws, children, or others join the family, have them add their signature and fingerprints. Over time, you'll have a priceless keepsake that preserves wonderful memories of those with whom you've celebrated Christmas. 


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