Orange Art Box

I was invited to be part of the Orange Art Box team and recently received my first box. I LOVE getting packages in the mail and it's even better when the box contains craft supplies! Orange Art Box is a subscription box for kids age 5+. Each box has a theme and is curated with one feature project and multiple smaller projects, with everything you need to make them. 

Trevor was excited when the box showed up. I let him do the unboxing. We were both impressed with all the goodies packed in there.

We started crafting right away. Trevor claimed the large tree and used the squirrel toy with a pouncer to paint it.

I made myself a button bracelet. 

We each worked on a wood ornament next, then we each made a scratch art leaf. 

We kept going until we'd made everything you see below:

Not only did we make 8 projects between us, but we have tons of leftover supplies! The four bottles of paint and the bottle of glitter glue are nearly full. There are hundreds of stickers left, as well as a sheet of Glue Dots. And, of course, the paintbrush, pouncers, and scratch art stick are all reusable.

Orange Art Box is available as a monthly subscription or as a gift subscription. I'm already looking forward to the December box!

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