Snoopy on Ice Picture Frame

Back when I was planning Trevor's Peanuts-themed birthday party at the skate rink, I laminated and fussy-cut some of the Peanuts gang, not sure how I'd use them. I still didn't have a plan when the party rolled around, so I just taped them to the wall as decorations. I didn't throw them out, though. When I came across them this week, I decided to add them to a picture frame. It's really easy to make your own - affiliate links below. 

Snoopy on Ice Picture Frame



Paint the bottom portion of the frame white. Without cleaning the brush, mix some blue paint with a small amount of white on a palette, but do not blend them completely. Use horizontal strokes to create a cloudy (yet predominantly blue) sky. 

When the paint is dry, adhere your characters to the frame.

Add dots of white Enamel Accents to the sky. Let it dry completely. 


  1. Hey, thanks for your comment on my recent post! As soon as I saw the word "Snoopy" I came running, LOL I haven't been commenting on blog posts because, in general, I've been keeping away from Blogger. But I will try to stop by occasionally. Love the frame you created! And that perpetual Snoopy Calendar in the Amazon link; I actually own it, LOL TTYL... until then, take care!


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