Dirty Pour Coasters

Have you tried paint pouring yet? I've shared two paint pouring projects in the past (here and here) and it is so much fun! If you haven't done paint pouring yet, I hope this Dirty Pour Coaster project finally inspires you to try it. Affiliate links below.


Dirty Pour Coasters



Pick up to 5 paint colors for your project. Pour equal parts of paint and Pouring Medium into each cup, and stir gently to combine. Learn from my mistake and do not introduce bubbles into the paint.

Protect your work surface and wear gloves (trust me). Elevate each coaster by putting it on an upside down cup.

I've titled this project Dirty Pour Coasters, but I'm not actually doing a dirty pour in the photo above. That's the first step to a Puddle Pour. To make a Puddle Pour, pour the first color into a puddle on the surface. Pour the second color into the center of that puddle, and repeat for each of the colors. Then pick up the coaster and tilt it to allow the paint to flow to (and eventually over) the edges.

For a Dirty Pour, add each color to a separate cup.

Pour the paint onto the coaster and let it flow over the edges. This is a basic Dirty Pour. Instead of pouring the paint, you can place a coaster upside down on the cup of paint, then quickly invert the two. This is called a Flip Cup, which is a type of Dirty Pour. Lift the cup and let the paint flow across the coaster.

We experimented with each technique.

A Dirty Pour tends to create more marbling than a Puddle Pour, but no matter how you make them, they're really pretty. 

Trevor and I had issues with bubbles, which I believe is because of my overly aggressive mixing of the paint and Pouring Medium. We each left the bubbles on some of our coasters, hoping they would go away on their own (spoiler: they didn't) and used a toothpick to pop the bubbles on the other coasters. This was tedious. Better not to introduce bubbles in the first place. 

We let our coasters dry for 48 hours, then removed them from the cups and painted undersides and any exposed wood on the edges. When that was dry, we cut self-adhesive felt to size and stuck it to the underside.  

I highly recommend getting some paint and Apple Barrel Pouring Medium and giving paint pouring a try. Obviously, you're not limited to making coasters, but I think they're a good beginner project. They make a great gift, too!


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