West Virginia 2018

I recently ordered a bunch of photos from our 2018 six-state adventure. West Virginia was actually the fourth of the six states that we visited but the easiest to scrap, so I started with it. 

West Virginia 2018 (affiliate link)

Since we were only in West Virginia for 24 hours, it was easier than usual to select my photos. I didn't include pictures of the inside of the Capitol nor of the downstairs area of the incredible State Museum, but I have plenty of photos of each in my blog post about our visit to West Virginia. I think the layout and the blog post complement each other nicely. 

More travel pages to come... eventually! In the meantime, I'm glad to have this one in the album. 


  1. Loving this! Loving how you did the title!!!!

  2. LOVE how you fit so many photos and journaling on a single page!


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