Independent Study

As you know, our family travels often. Unfortunately, we've had to cancel what should have been our next major trip. So instead of traveling, I've been working on scrapbook pages about previous travels. 

Whenever possible, we'd scheduled our trips during Trevor's school breaks. When he did need to miss school, I set him up on Independent Study. That meant that he had to squeeze in schoolwork whenever he could during a trip. 

Independent Study (affiliate link)

I wanted this layout to show the wide variety of places that Trevor has done schoolwork. From the top left working clockwise, you can see Trevor doing schoolwork on an airplane, in a restaurant, in an airport, in the stateroom on a cruise ship, in bed in a hotel, and on a train. If you've ever thought our family's travel style sounds exhausting, remember that Trevor is squeezing in hours of schoolwork between all the museums and activities. I'm glad to have this layout to document that.


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