Sixth Grade Memories

Yes, Trevor is in 8th grade. And yes, I'm finally scrapping a layout with the random photos from 6th grade. Better late than never. 

Sixth Grade Memories (affiliate link)

I used pretty much all of the photos I had from Trevor's 6th grade year for this page. In contrast with elementary school where I was frequently in the classroom as a volunteer (particularly in fifth grade where I taught all the history) and took lots of pictures, I've hardly spent any time at the middle school. I've chaperoned field trips and last week I was the lunchtime guest speaker for the College & Career Club, but I've only spent a single class period in the classroom with Trevor. That was in 6th grade, when he gave his Genius Hour presentation about Rube Goldberg. I took photos then (the two pictures on the righthand side); all the other photos were emailed out by Trevor's English/History teacher or taken on Trevor's camera on the last day of school. 

Trevor's 7th and 8th grade teachers haven't sent out any photos and Trevor hasn't taken pictures at school since the last day of 6th grade, so I won't be making pages like for his other middle school years. Fortunately, there are a lot of memories in his yearbooks. 


  1. This is AMAZING and GENIUS!!! I love love love the way you 'taped' the photos to the cork background, and loving the kite! SO pinning this one!

  2. LOVE the square photos taped to a "board"! Fab!


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