Reflection Name Art

Time for more name art! This is a quick and easy project that can be done pretty much anywhere. All you need are water-based markers, heavy paper that will stand up to a bit of water, a brush, and some water. 

Start by folding the cardstock in half. It doesn't matter whether you fold vertically or horizontally as long as the two halves line up. Using water-soluble markers, draw your name so that it sits on top of the fold. I used fine-tipped Flair pens for the name part and a Crayola marker for the yellow background.

Brush water on the PLAIN half of the cardstock, then fold the colored side against the wet side and press firmly, all over the card. Peel apart the two halves and see if you got good coverage. This is how mine looked after the first water application.  

If you have any white spots, brush water onto the PLAIN side in just those areas, then refold and press. You can repeat this again once more if necessary. When you are happy with the transfer of color, let your design dry. You can flatten it with a warm iron or by placing it under a heavy book for awhile. 

This is a great project for early finishers in a classroom or other group setting. I like crafts like this for traveling too, as it could easily be colored in the car or at a restaurant, then the water added in a hotel room. 


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