Peekaboo Bunnies (Bunny Week 2020, Day 1)

Welcome to Bunny Week 2020!

Bunny Week is an annual tradition here at My Creative Life where we celebrate All Things Rabbit. I'm starting off Bunny Week with an easy paper craft I'm calling Peekaboo Bunnies. One person can make all the bunnies, or a group of kids can each make a bunny. You can make small bunnies on backgrounds the size of playing cards, or large bunnies with a full sheet of construction paper as the background. Affiliate links below.


Peekaboo Bunnies



Determine what size you want your finished background to be, then cut down pastel construction paper as needed. Use a circle punch or scissors on grey construction paper to cut a partial circle that will be the bunny's head. It should fill about 1/3 of the background paper and have one or two flat edges.

Cut two ears from grey construction paper. Cut two inner ears and a nose from pink cardstock. 

Ink around the edges of each cut piece. This will help the bunny stand out against the background and add some dimension. Fingertip daubers give great control. 

Glue everything to the background paper. Use the pen to add eyes and whiskers. Back each bunny with black paper, then arrange them to make a grid. 


Wondering about the inspiration for my Peekaboo Bunnies? Rabbits are incredibly curious. Hold up a camera and you're likely to get a bunny photobomb as the rabbit looks closely to figure out what is going on. It's adorable.


  1. Such a cute card! I Love it.

  2. OMYGOSH!!!! This is ADORABLE!!! I love it!!! Brookie found out yesterday that school is closed through the end of the year ... she is bummed! Trevor?

    1. As of now, we have a return date of May 4. I don't think it's going to happen though.

    2. Schools here are always out before Memorial Day ... so I think that is why :(


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