Birthday Cake Name Art

Today is my 48th birthday, which seems like a fine time to share a birthday-themed name art project. Like most name art, this project will look completely different when you use your own name.

I started by writing my CINDY in exaggerated bubble letters. Then I rotated the paper until I found the direction that looked most like a cake. I made a few adjustments to help each letter look like a separate layer in the cake. I outlined the letters in dark brown, colored in with a lighter brown, and then added dark chocolate sprinkles on top before coloring in the candles and the plate. It reminds me of my hamburger name art project

Because I am convinced that you can buy virtually anything on Amazon, I checked to see if you could buy a chocolate cake. (Affiliate links follow.) There are quite a few cake mixes (these molten lava cakes look delish), as well as things that aren't chocolate cake but either smell like it or look like it. I was starting to think there might not be cakes. I got distracted by this truffle sampler, but when I did continued to scroll, I did start finding actual chocolate cakes. You didn't let me down, Amazon! 


  1. Happy happy birthday! Such a fun project!

  2. SO AWESOME!!! I love it!! And YUM... you made it chocolate!!! I hope at least part of your birthday was HAPPY!!! :)


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