Party Hat Full of Money Birthday Gift

I'm really happy with how my latest money gift turned out. It wasn't for my nephew, Timothy, my usual money gift recipient. Nor was it for Trevor; I snapped photos as he was helping me test it. 

This money gift was Steve's sister, Teri. She was born on February 29, 1980, which means that 2020 was a milestone year for her in two different ways - she turned 40 and celebrated her birthday for the 10th time!

This is the front....

... and this is the back. (Of course you acknowledge both ages with you're celebrating a Leap Year baby!)

Teri has never been the recipient of one of my money gifts and I thought this special birthday definitely warranted it. Affiliate links below. 


Party Hat Full of Money Birthday Gift



Tape the bills together, end to end, using Scotch tape. 

Accordion-fold the stack of taped bills. This is what $40 in ones looks like.

Attach the appropriate number sticker(s) to the party hat. Put the confetti, party horn, and stack of bills in the bottom of the gift bag. 

Tape the end of the top bill on the inside of the party hat. Balance the party hat on top of the gift bag, then attach the bow to prevent the recipient from accidentally seeing inside the bag before the surprise is revealed. 

 It worked just as I'd hoped. Happy birthday, Teri!

I just counted and this is my 27th unique idea for creative ways to give money as a gift. Check them out and let me know what you think!


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