Disneyland: January 2015

I keep a chronological list of scrapbook layouts that I want to make. Since I don't scrap chronologically but want pages to appear in order in the albums, this lets me keep track of how much space to leave between layouts. (More about that in this blog post.) Today's layout was at the top of the list - the oldest trip I hadn't yet documented.  

Disneyland, January 2015 (affiliate link)

I love scrapping Disney pages and they're usually pretty easy for me. So why did this trip sit on my list for over five years? Mostly because I didn't have a clearcut idea of what I was actually documenting. We were in Anaheim for the 2015 Craft and Hobby Association Mega Show. I blogged all about my experience, but barely mentioned what Trevor and Steve were doing during the show. Should I scrap my show experience? My one evening with them at Disneyland? Just their time at the theme parks? After going back and forth on this for way too long, I made a decision: one page for their day at Legoland and one page for their two days at Disneyland. I kept the page really simple, with just three photos and plenty of journaling. I'm really happy with how it turned out. Now I just need to deal with Legoland and this trip will be (literally) in the books!

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  1. Hi Cindy, I have so many trips that I still need to scrap! I love what you did with this one. The simple design and your hand-written journaling are PERFECT! (And I can really see how much Trevor has grown by looking at the photo of you and him!!)


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