Trevor and Stu

When Trevor began confirmation classes, our pastor asked him to talk with me about selecting a mentor. In my mind, there was one obvious choice. Stu has been an important part of our congregation since before Trevor was born. In fact, he was the assisting minister at Trevor's baptism! Stu is strong in his faith and always willing to serve. Like Trevor, he is quiet and reserved. Trevor and I thought Stu would be an outstanding mentor. Spoiler: we were right.  

As fate would have it, COVID-19 meant that our family, Trevor's godparents, and most members of the congregation watched the ceremony live on You Tube rather than in person. Stu was with us in the sanctuary, making him the only person besides Steve and me to be at both Trevor's baptism and confirmation ceremonies. 
Trevor and Stu (affiliate link)

This is the last layout I made this layout for the National Scrapbook Day event at Victoria Marie Designs. Specifically, it is for Frames, Tags, and Labels Challenge. While I do use labels occasionally, I almost never use frames or tags on my layouts. For this page, I thought the tags worked really well to label the two photos showing Trevor and Stu together in 2006 and 2021. I'll be making two more pages with photos from Trevor's confirmation- one about the actual ceremony, and a second about what attending church in person for the first time in a year was like.


  1. A lovely layout.

    On a sidenote - have you figured out a new way to send email from your blog?

    1. I haven't made the switch yet, but I'm probably going with follow.it.


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