Pandemic Scouting (Part 2)

Last summer, I made a scrapbook layout called Pandemic Scouting, using pictures from April 2020. I would have been shocked to hear that the pandemic would continue on long enough to need a second Pandemic Scouting layout, but here we are. These photos are from June through November.  

Pandemic Scouting (affiliate link)

I made this layout for the Ultimate Ingredient Challenge at Victoria Marie Designs. It's a doozy, requiring the following "ingredients" on one page: enamel dots; patterned paper; die cuts; chipboard die cuts; fiber; buttons or brads; border strips; acrylic or acetate embellishments; wood veneer; and stickers. Good grief! Fortunately, Victoria encourages substitutions and interpretations. I did quite a bit of substituting and interpreting.

Of the listed ingredients, I used two patterned papers, a die cut, fiber (ribbon), border strips, and stickers. I made a faux button and faux enamel dots out of thin chipboard (because both are too lumpy for my taste). I added paint (for my button and dots) and kraft cardstock. I suppose it shouldn't be too surprising that I didn't follow a scrapbook ingredient challenge exactly when I am incapable of following an actual recipe in the kitchen. 

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