Christmas Eve 2020

Because of the pandemic, we spent Christmas Eve with just the three of us, for the first time ever. We missed seeing family, of course, but the relaxed pace and quality time together was nice. We made a big meal (leftovers for days!), played board games, and watched the Christmas Eve candlelight service live on YouTube. We had a good time. 

Christmas Eve 2020 (affilate link)

My design for this layout was inspired by the Old or Discontinued Product Challenge at Victoria Marie Designs. Everything on this page is old and/or discontinued, with the exception of the red cardstock that you can still buy. Even the two border punches I used have been discontinued.

My favorite thing about this page is the screenshot from the Christmas Eve service. The photos I took of us watching it didn't turn out well, but I was able to go to my church's YouTube page, bring up the Christmas Eve service, play the video, and then do a screenshot, which I then printed as a photo. It's the first time I've documented how I've been 'attending' church for the last 14 months, so I'm especially glad to have it on the page.


  1. It looks like a lovely way to spend that special day. Hopefully this year you will be able to be with family.

  2. Beautiful BG paper choice! For me, COVID Christmas was perfect cuz #Introvert, LOL!

    1. As a fellow introvert, I totally get that. Holidays normally wear me out, but not this year!


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