Sparkly Graduation Card

The tangram graduation card I made for my cousin Tim was much too stark for the other graduate in the family, Lilly. She is the daughter of Tim's older brother, Matthew. Lilly has a sparkly personality and needs a card that reflects that. I had so much fun making this glittery, shiny card for her. Turns out that her high school colors are the same as mine! Affiliate links below. 

Sparkly Graduation Card



Use the letter stickers to spell out CONGRATS on the white card blank. With a black pen, add a smily face. Cut the black cardstock to make a cap. It's easiest to make a square, then put a parallelogram over it. Add star and heart stickers randomly to fill the white space. 

Fold a piece of embroidery floss in half, then tie a small overhand knot. Glue the knot to the center of the mortarboard using tacky glue. 

Dot black and gold Stickles (or whatever the school colors are) randomly in the white space until you have adequate sparkle. When everything has dried completely, the card is ready to send. 

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