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Back in November, we took advantage of Trevor's mid-week day off school for Veterans Day and spent the afternoon at our alma mater. We'd intended to walk the full length of the Arboretum and back, but it was blocked off midway due to maintenance. That turned out to be a good thing, as we decided instead to walk through campus. There are always new things to see when we visit - a building that's popped up somewhere, creative bike parking options, a food truck court - but the different things we saw this time greatly outnumbered all previous visits. A pandemic will do that.

Most notable was that the campus was almost empty. Most classes were online only and many students opted to remain at home or in off-campus apartments. We saw a few students here and there, as well as several dozen open dorm windows, but the campus was empty in a way we'd never seen before. Most buildings were closed and there were signs all over the place outlining COVID-19 safety protocols. Huge tents were erected near many of the classrooms. We were amused that these open-air metal structures each had at least four fire extinguishers.
UCD All to Ourselves (affiliate link)

If this layout seems familiar, it's because I used the same sketch as for my I Love Bunnies page. The challenge actually required us to make two different layouts from the same sketch. I've never done that before. It's fun to see how changing the color scheme makes two layouts with all the same elements feel different from each other.

A few things to point out about this layout: First, there are 7 photos on this page, grouped to make the two 4" x 6" photos on the sketch. I use photo collages all the time, but I don't think I've ever placed two separate collages on the same page. Next, my favorite white pen to the rescue! There were only 2 lowercase L's on the sticker sheet, so I used my pen to change an exclamation point into another L for the title. And finally, the leaves. I punched them from a different plaid paper from the same collection, so they match the background paper perfectly. 

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