All Colors are Beautiful

The folks at Faber-Castell sent me their World Colors EcoPencil Colored Pencil Set to try (affiliate link here and throughout the post) and I'm happy to report that this set is fabulous! I love how rich and vibrant the colors are. There are 24 single-color pencils in a rainbow of gorgeous shades, but what makes this set particularly great are the 3 double-ended pencils. Each has 2 different skin tones, which can be used as is or blended to make even more shades. There's a handy graphic on the back of the box to show you some of the skin tones you can make by blending. 

I used the World Colors Pencils to make this: 

I love the "class picture" look of this project. It reminds me of the many students that I had the pleasure to teach back in the day. My inspiration for making it came from the packaging itself:

Read on to find out how I made my project.  


"All Colors are Beautiful"



Cut nine squares of white cardstock. Mine are small (1.5") but you can make them larger if you want. Use the World Colors EcoPencils to draw faces on eight of the squares. Vary the skin tone, eye color, and hair color and style. You can model them on real people or use your imagination. 

When you've completed the eight faces, arrange them in a grid. Use the color pencils to add different background colors to each. 

On the ninth square, use the Sharpie to write "All Colors are Beautiful." Make a rainbow of colors over the title. Place it in the center of the grid of faces. 

Transfer the faces to a piece of black cardstock, leaving a small (1/8-1/4") border between each and around the outside edge. Glue each square to the black cardstock, then trim away any extra cardstock. 

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  1. This is great! We got the crayons with the colors of the world crayons for my granddaughter.


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