Colored Pencil Flowers for World Cardmaking Day

Saturday was World Cardmaking Day. Because I'm in the middle of my colored pencil class, I celebrated by incorporating my coloring onto a card. The image is from Leisure Arts' Love Grows and colored with Prismacolors (affiliate links).

I tried two new things with this coloring project. First, I colored in the whole image very lightly to work out my colors. Previously I would have fully colored and burnished one flower at a time. I liked having the whole color scheme mapped out. 

Second, I colored an object white (actually three objects- two flowers and the vase). This was my first attempt after watching Sarah's video on coloring white objects. It was a really interesting exercise. Looking at it against the uncolored white background, I wasn't sure if I liked it...

... but once I fussy-cut the image and layered it on the pink polka dot paper, I decided I'm pleased with the white. I have room for improvement, of course. 

I'm continuing to work my way through all of Sarah's videos. I'm learning so much. Click here to subscribe and enter to win her 100K giveaway!


  1. This is gorgeous! Even if I could handle all the coloring the fussy cutting would frustrate me, LOL!


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