Mummy Hand

The third in my series of "turn my handprint into a Halloween-inspired hand" is this mummy. It was the quickest and easiest of the three to make. The key is applying the tape before cutting out the handprint so that you don't have to navigate all the fingers. 

Mummy Hand


  • cardstock
  • masking tape
  • scissors
  • chalk


Start with a rectangular piece of cardstock that is slightly larger than your hand. Cover it with overlapping strips of masking tape. Don't line everything up - it looks better the more carelessly the tape is placed. 

Trace your hand onto the taped cardstock and cut it out. 

Use your fingernails or the blades of the scissors to rough up the edges of the masking tape. Peel it back in some places. Then add brown, grey, and black chalk to the roughed-up parts where dirt would naturally collect. 

Add some 'dirt' in other areas also. When it is suitably grungy, you're done!

I'm running out of time to add more hands my collection before Halloween gets here. How is it already late October?!

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