Frankenstein Hand

I loved my witch hand so much that I thought about making enough to link them together for a banner. Later, I realized it would be more fun to have a banner with a bunch of different Halloween hands. I'm not sure how many I'll eventually do, but for now I have one more: Frankenstein! (Technically, Frankenstein's monster, but whatever.) 

Frankenstein Hand


  • cardstock (light green, cream)
  • microtip scissors
  • colored pencils
  • craft glue


Trace your hand onto the light green cardstock. Cut out the hand, then snip off the last 1/4" of each fingertip. Round just the corners of the snipped-off fingers. Use green and grey colored pencils to add knuckle lines and shadows, then shade in the hand.  

Cut five tiny rectangles from cream cardstock. Each should be the width of one of your fingernails, but much shorter. Shade them with grey, cream, and brown to look like old, diseased fingernails. 

As an aside, if you've been following my colored pencil journey, you know that I'm eager to try out what I've been learning. When I was cleaning up after finishing my pencil inventory, I found an unopened package with a Derwent burnisher and blender (affiliate link) in with my pastels and charcoal pencils. I have no idea when I got them. I tried both on the Frankenstein hand to get a feel for them. 

You don't need to do this for your Frankenstein hand. But you can. 

Use a dark grey to draw knuckle lines and a row of stitches. I have no idea if Frankenstein's (monster's) hands are stitched on versus already attached to 'donor' arms, but I like the look. It makes it more Frankenstein ('s monster) than random ogre.

Finally, glue the fingernails in place. 

I'm excited to start working on my next Halloween hand. So many ideas... I'm not sure which to do next. 

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