Two to three months into the pandemic, COVID Hair was affecting practically everyone I knew. On each Zoom call, I saw hair that was much longer, grayer, or straighter than pre-pandemic. I saw a lot of blog posts and videos about how to cut hair at home. It was very interesting to see how different people reacted to hairdressers being closed. 

It's been even more interesting seeing who immediately headed back to the stylists the moment they reopened and who kept their COVID Hair. Steve and Trevor let their hair grow for the better part of a year, then each went to get it cut as soon as they were fully vaccinated. The before and after photos are dramatic. 

COVID Hair (affiliate link)

While I am really glad both Trevor and Steve are back to having short hair, I've actually kept mine long. Steve likes it long and I'm enjoying the chance to braid it or wear it in a long ponytail again. I'm not sure when I'll cut it shorter, but I'm sure I will eventually. 

What was your experience with COVID Hair? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love this! We didn't have anything as dramatic as this.

  2. Glad you got this documented! Fabulous layout!

  3. This is AWESOME! Love the color scheme and side by side photos showing the before and after!

    I hardly ever cut my hair...I literally go for YEARSSSSS between haircuts! My husband is a barber so he cuts his own, LOL! As a matter of fact he stayed open during COVID, he cuts out of our house, and his customers were so grateful!


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