Progress Check: Colored Pencil Goldfish Then and Now

I started my colored pencil class just under a month ago, so I figured it was time for an assessment. A midterm, of sorts. In the interest of doing my best to compare apples to apples, I went back to a colored pencil drawing I did over the summer during my 30 days of drawing food and redrew the exact same image. I used the same paper, but for the recent drawing I used higher-quality colored pencils that I didn't have back then. 

I drew this in June 2021:

This is from October 2021:

It's clear to me that I'm making progress, particularly with blending. Given that I didn't even know burnishing was a thing before, that's also a major area of growth. I'm not happy with the shadows in my more recent drawing. I was rushing, but it's also a weaker area for me and something I will continue to practice. 


  1. Definitely can see the progress, though the original was good as well! Sounds like a fun class!


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