Witch Hand with a Spiderweb Manicure

I love handprint crafts. It's so much fun thinking of clever ways to transform a handprint into something entirely different. This time, I turned my handprint into....  a hand.  

A witch hand, to be specific. So it's not the most clever transformation of all time, but it was really fun to make. Affiliate links below. 


Witch Hand with a Spiderweb Manicure



Trace your hand on green construction paper and cut it out with microtip scissors. Cut a pointy nail for each finger from black cardstock. (I used white and ended up coloring the fingernails black with a Sharpie. Save an unnecessary step and start with black cardstock.)

Use the back of your hand as a guide to draw knuckles, lines, and shadows on the witch's hand. Add texture to the skin by lightly coloring in small circles over the lines you've drawn. Add moles/blemishes as desired. Draw a spiderweb pattern on the fingernails using the white pen, then glue the fingernails to the hand. 

I love the way it turned out. I'm tempted to make enough for a banner, which is exactly how I'd display them if I had a classroom's worth of witch hands. 

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