BYSS World Series 2022: Andrei at 16

 I'm happy to report that my team, the Scrappin' Banshees, won the first game of the BYSS World Series 2022!

For Game 2, we earn a base hit (1 point) for each of the four following elements: stamping, sequins, "texture textiles", and stickers. If you get the home run, you can add the grand slam element, which is filling a shape at least 1/4 of your page. 

I use stickers on layouts all the time (particularly letter stickers) and stamping isn't a major stretch for me, but I rarely use textiles and sequins are definitely outside my comfort zone. Doing all that AND adding a large shape was too much for me. But I was determined to use all four single-point elements and still maintain my clean and simple style. I'm really happy with how 'Andrei at 16' turned out!

Andrei at 16 (affiliate link)

I used stickers for the title, as well as the tiny heart in the upper-right corner. I stamped the leafy border just below the photo. The sequins are highlighting each descriptor of Andrei, and the mulberry paper under the patterned paper counts as a "texture textile." That's a home run for me and four points for the Banshees!  

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  1. This is a classic Cindy layout. Every element is there for a reason. Nicely done. :)


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