BYSS World Series 2022: Work With Me!

Back in February, I participated in a month-long scrapbook challenge called Bash Bowl, hosted by Scrap Your Scrapbook Stash. It was a football-themed competition and tons of fun. During October, they're running a 3-game, baseball-themed competition called BYSS World Series. I'm playing on the Scrappin' Banshees team. 

For our first game, there are four single-point elements: spray mist or watercolor; washi tape; stitching; and journaling. If you earn that four-item home run, you can go for the grand slam by using a base page. (A base page is a background you've prepared ahead of time, leaving blank spots for photos, title, and journaling.)

I don't have any base pages; that's not the way I scrap. So I focused on the single-point elements. I always have journaling on my layouts, so that was a given. I use washi tape frequently - another easy point. Stitching and spray mist and/or watercolor are rarely part of my scrapping process, but I was up for the challenge. This is the page I made: 

Work With Me (affiliate link)

I started by masking off the center of a sheet of white cardstock, then sprayed it with Glimmer Mist. When that dried, I sewed a border along the edge using the machine. This was the very-first time I've ever done machine-sewing on a page and I like how it turned out. It was SO much faster than hand-stitching! I put two strips of washi tape onto black cardstock and used those as a border to highlight my title. Then I adhered the three versions of business cards I've used since starting My Creative Life and added a ton of journaling about each. Four points for Scrappin' Banshees!

I'm looking forward to seeing what elements we'll need to use for Game 2. Go Banshees!

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  1. Such a fun challenge! You should play more with mists.:)


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