Paper Plate Lattice Pie

I had the paper plates out to make my Football Fan, so I went ahead and turned a pair of plates into a cherry lattice pie. As one does. If you prefer a blueberry pie, switch out the red paint and red pom-poms for blue. By the way, you can add scent to this project if you really want to go all in. Use the same technique as I did for my scented pumpkin pie craft, but swap out the cinnamon oil for cherry. Affiliate link here and below. 


Paper Plate Lattice Cherry Pie



Paint the center portion of the front (eating side) of one paper plate red. Paint the edges of that same plate with Yellow Ochre (or the crust color of your choosing). Paint the back (non-eating side) of the other plate completely with Yellow Ochre. 

When the paint is dry, cut the solid plate into about twelve 1/2" strips. Keep the strips in order. 

Glue a bunch of pom-poms to the red portion of the plate. Now is the time to add cherry oil if you want the scented version. 

Now you'll make the lattice top. It's basically the same procedure as with real pie dough, but less fragile (and less tasty). Skip the first (shortest) strip. Starting with the second strip, apply glue to ONE end, then glue it to the plate so that its length fits. Skip the third strip, then glue ONE end of the fourth strip in place. Continue until you have five or six somewhat evenly spaced strips, glued just on one side. Let the glue dry completely. 

Rotate the pie 90°. Once again, skip the smallest strip. Take the next strip and weave it over and under the half-glued strips. Add a drop of glue under each end to secure it. Repeat the process with more strips. I ended up using only four strips for this step, because I wanted more of the cherry pom-poms to show through. 

When the lattice is complete, glue down the loose ends from the first set of strips. Now go bake a cherry pie to go along with this craft!

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