Travel Blogger Business Card

I have a new business card! 

Well, technically I don't HAVE it yet. But I designed it and should have the cards in my hands soon. I'm excited. I've been needing a travel-themed business card for a long time. The all-purpose business card that I’ve been using since 2017 is fine and I will continue to give it out to promote my crafts, recipes, other creative endeavors. But this one will take people directly to the travel portion of my blog rather than the home page.

In designing the card, I wanted it to fit with the My Creative Life brand and feel like an extension of my blog rather than a departure from it. I started with a globe, pulling the colors from my brand kit. Then I played with ways to combine the globe with my MCL logo. I tinkered around with the design, moving the pencil down (but still on the left). It was missing something, so I added the tiny heart to mark where we live in California. While I enjoy traveling, there's no place like home. 

I like this new logo a lot. I put it on a business card template, extended the "table" under the pencil and globe, and added my name, title, and a QR code that leads to my travel page. I colored the corners of the QR code to match the green on the globe. I shrunk my blog address and added my email address.  

What do you think? 

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