World Cardmaking Day: One Stamp Challenge

The final challenge I did for World Cardmaking Day was the One Stamp Challenge at Scrapbook and Cards Today. The idea was to use a smallish stamp repeatedly on plain cardstock to make an interesting background, then use that same stamp again to enhance a sentiment (handwritten, since you can't use a second stamp). Easy enough and lots of fun!

But the example they showed, the inspiration for the challenge, uses a second stamp for the sentiment. The instructions (and the very title of the challenge) say one stamp. This did not sit well with my rule-following self. 

I started out with the goal of using just one stamp, but decided to add a sentiment stamp, like the original designer had done. Now that I'd broken the rule though, all bets were off. The card was too plain for my liking, so I added some stamped leaves. Yes, I used three stamps on a one-stamp challenge. 

"Thank You" (affiliate link)

I didn't enter my card in the challenge, obviously. I hope whoever they choose as the winner used just one stamp.

I'm going to circle back around to this challenge. I've thought of three ways to approach it. First, I could make a cute card with a single stamp if I use a sentiment sticker or handwrite the sentiment. Or, I could use a sentiment as my one and only stamp, creating the background with that. Finally, I could use something so iconic that no sentiment is needed. You don't need to write happy birthday if the whole card is stamped with a cupcake with a lit candle on top. I'm putting all three on my to-do list. 

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  1. You could have used stickers or diecuts and still used just one stamp. It turned out really pretty though.


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