BYSS World Series: Steve

As I mentioned yesterday, after getting my first grand slam I was eager to try for another. This is the page I made: 

Steve (affiliate link)

The photo, taken in October 2021, is a headshot from his most recent job; they let him go less than three months later. The journaling talks about his resilience and what a good provider he is for Trevor and me. Despite many layoffs over the years (not uncommon in his industry, but still unexpected each time it happens), every time he bounces back and finds an even better job. It's one of the many things I love about him. 

I *thought* I had another home run, but it wasn't until I was submitting it to the Scrappin' Banshees team page that I realized I forgot to use a Project Life card. Everything else is there. The title letters are actually metal, which I colored with a black Sharpie. I'd forgotten I had them, but discovered them during my (unsuccessful) search for something else. I used two punches (heart and stitch border) and stenciled the background, first with gel medium on the whole page, then with silver ink at the corners of the cluster. Because I didn't use the PL card and earn the home run, I can't get the grand slam even though I included the elements. Darn. Hopefully my points don't mean the difference for the Banshees. 


  1. Looks fab! Hope Steve lands another great job soon!

    1. He's been at his current job since April and it's been great. Fingers crossed it lasts!


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