Fall Leaf Fashion

A few days ago, I went for a long walk to collect fall leaves for an upcoming craft. As I was thinking about all the common ways to craft with fall leaves, it occurred to me that most are designed for young children. For example, my Fall Leaves Wall Hanging is easy enough for preschoolers to do. I challenged myself to come up with a fall leaf craft that would appear to tweens and older kids who are no longer interested in gluing leaves to a paper plate to make a wreath. Presenting, Fall Leaf Fashion!

I started by cutting out models to inspire my fabulous fashions. (Read here, if you've forgotten how in touch with fashion I am.) I had scraps of tan and black cardstock sitting on my desk, so that's what I used. Obviously, you can make your models with whatever skin tone, hair color, and body type you want. 

Here are my models after they were glued. 

I had a wide variety of leaf shapes and colors to inspire my fashions. After a lot of trial and error, and trying different outfits on different girls, I settled on the fashions for my runway show. I hadn't intended a fall collection to look beachy, but at least the garments show creativity in the use of textures, a strong sense of proportion, and good use of color. Hopefully Nina won't be bored. 

I miss the Tim, Heidi, and Nina era of Project Runway


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