"I Am Not Candy Corn"

To understand today's craft, take a look at this homework assignment that Trevor completed 10 years ago as a first grader. It's adorable, and so is my version (if I do say so myself. And I do.) Then look at this Candy Corn Character I made last Halloween. When I dug him out of the Halloween decoration box, it got me thinking that October is to my candy corn guy as November is to that turkey. So I gave my candy corn character a disguise. He can wear it until Halloween has safely passed and then return it to the turkey.  

I don't know what all this talk about candy corn is... all I see is Mickey Mouse! 

I would love to have seen how 6-year old Trevor would have disguised his candy corn. Unfortunately, 16-year old Trevor has too much homework and too little interest in crafting with me anymore. Sigh. 

If any of you have 6-year olds with lots of creativity, I'd love to see their versions! Follow the directions to make the Candy Corn Character, then you can add whatever you need for the costume. All I used was black, white, and red cardstock, scissors, and glue. 

By the way, it would be completely inappropriate to snack on candy corn while making this project, but all other candies are on the table. Here's an affiliate link to one of my all-time favorites, which inexplicably is not universally popular. Happy Halloween!


  1. i have a question of how you tape the dollar bills together to make dispencer-- double face tape or regular tape

    1. Here is the tutorial for the Dollar Bill Dispenser. All the instructions are there:


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