More Camping Fun

Yesterday I mentioned our traditional camping treasure hunt.  I had a hard time coming up with the perfect treasure.... until I read on Lego a Day that Lego had released its Series 5 Minifigs.  Steve and Trevor both love anything Lego, so I thought it would be very fun to have these as the treasure.   

Lego is smart and has wrapped its limited edition figures so that you do not know which one you are getting when you buy one.  There are some tips and hints online about how to differentiate between them by feeling the bags and looking at teensy bumps on the packaging.  I waited until Trevor was at school and Steve was at the office (he usually works from home 3 days a week) to head to the store.  There I did my best to feel the packages and pick out four different minifigs.

I thought it would be really fun for the four of us to take photos of our minifigs doing cool things during the camping trip.  I was inspired by Steve's recent success- he was the runner-up in a photography contest that asked entrants to pose a minifig in a creative way.  (You can see his photo at Lego a Day.  His picture is called "Belly Flop" and he's using the screen name alinraz.)

Steve did not disappoint.  He took this awesome photo of our four minifigs warming their hands around the campfire.   

(Jonna's Graduate, Steve's Cave Woman, my Egyptian Queen, and Trevor's Lizard Man)

I took this picture of the cave woman beating up the Egyptian Queen.

Fortunately, despite the abuse, the Egyptian Queen went on to graduate with honors.

And Cave Woman tried out some new hairstyles, including this Martha Stewart-inspired look.

Trevor's Lizard Man showed just how strong he was.

Jonna's Graduate is considering a career as a crossing guard.

Before I get to the last pictures, I should mention that Jonna (Trevor's godmother and our awesome camping companion) made an adorable quilted camping tablecloth.  She embroidered camping images and icons in several of the squares.  She had the very clever idea to use the tablecloth as the backdrop for some fun photos.

Here is her picture of Lizard Man, posed perfectly next to the campfire.

But my favorite photo of all, was this one.  Now that's creativity.

We had big plans to take more photos, but didn't when we had to cut the trip short.  But now that we know how much fun minifigs can be, you can be sure that they'll be on my camping packing list in the future.


  1. How fun! Loveeeeeeeee the photos! :):):):):):):)

  2. Awesome way to stretch the imagination! Great pictures, looks like you guys had a ton of fun.

  3. I love the creativity of your family. I want to hang out with you! This post really made me smile. Love the pics and the whole idea behind this. What a wonderful family outing.

  4. The Martha Stewart Cave Woman is still my favorite. That was a lot of fun!

  5. too funny, love that you all got into it. I must look for those little legos, Dev would love that.


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