106 Days 'til Christmas

When I first started teaching, my school was on a 4-track year-round schedule.  I started the school year the first week in August and ended the last week of July.  My months off were September, January and May.  (If you're wondering, I absolutely LOVED the schedule and would return to it in an instant.)  I did almost all my Christmas preparations during September, including making/buying gifts, wrapping them, and addressing Christmas cards.  It was so nice to be able to spend December baking and doing last minute things without worrying about anything.

When my school switched to a modified traditional schedule and I had summers off for the first time, I still did the bulk of my Christmas preparations in September.  That gave me lots of time for handmade gifts and meant that I didn't have that holiday stress that affected so many of my friends.

Fast forward to now.  There are 106 days until Christmas and I just finished the last of my scrapbook layouts from Christmas 2010.

I'm not sure exactly how it happened, but somehow I've gone from being ready for the upcoming Christmas in September to wrapping up the previous Christmas in September! 


  1. Funny how those things happen... I love picture #4 - I can totally see Trevor saying that. :)

  2. Crazy how that works! Lol! I loveeeeeeeee the lo...loving the photos and gingerbread men! And 106, huh? Wish it was less! I will be in Vegas on the 3rd of Dec for my bday and I want to be there now! Lol :):):):):):)

  3. How cute! Funny how that happens. If it makes you feel better, I'm most definitely not that caught up on scrapping photos! ;)

  4. Oh my gosh, Cindy! You are really prepared for Christmas! So darn cute - funny, huh????? The layout you created is adorable! I love it!!!!!


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