My Album Dilemma

When I blogged about my biggest scrapbook quirk, I told you that I am afraid of running out of storage space for my scrapbooks.  Check out the picture below.  With the exception of the large white album on the left (our wedding album), these are the albums that hold layouts about Trevor.  He is 5 years old.  There are 11 albums.  I don't want to scrap LESS about him- as it is, I feel like there are countless untold stories- but I'm not sure how much longer I can sustain a 2 album/year growth in album storage.    

We're in the process of redoing Trevor's bedroom.  We're adding lots more shelf space, some of which I want to be deep enough to store his scrapbooks.  I want to get his scrapbooks out of my craftroom where they are not accessible to Trevor and put them where he can enjoy them.  Which brings me to my album dilemma.

As you can see, my albums are not color-coordinated or all that attractive.  When Trevor was first born, I bought a few of Mrs. Grossman's Favorite Albums in cream and blue.  When Mrs. Grossman's stopped making them, I bought up every one I could find regardless of color.  That's how I ended up with green, copper, and black.  I hate that they're all mismatched.  And the problem will only get worse, as I now HAVE to switch to a different brand.  So not only will the colors not match, but the album style won't either. 

So do I bite the bullet and spend a fortune replacing these albums to make them attractive and color-coordinated on his shelves?  These albums wouldn't go to waste- there are plenty of other layouts that need a home.  Or do I keep his layouts in these albums (he certainly doesn't care what they look like) and try to find some sort of neutral post-bound album that sort of coordinates?  If I do replace these albums, do I finally switch from post-bound to 3-ring?  I see advantages and disadvantages to each.

Ack!  What should I do??? 


  1. My albums that I do have (I have stopped buying them, and now I buy 12x12 plastic bins from Michaels and put my lo's in there... much cheaper and can fit about 60 lo's in a bin...and they stack vertically like books!) ... but anyhoo... all my albums are mismatched and in various places in the house :):):) I say it gives my books character (and trust me... that's not easy for me to say - being the neat freak that I am! lol!) Good luck! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I have the same problem, though I'm not as far down the road as you are! I switched most of mine to black three ring for our albums. I figured black would never go out of style, so I should always be able to find that color. For Creighton I picked a chocolate brown and for Abby lavender. I resolved that I would stick to those three colors cause the mismash I have going on just doesn't work for me. I figured it was worth the investment to switch. I do them one at a time about once every other month and always with a sale or huge coupon to Michael's. As for the used ones? I put a few in the recycle bin that were damaged and the others I will probably give away to anyone who wants them. :) You'll have to let us know what you decide to do, but I'm all for matching them all up ;) LOL


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