My Scrapbook Style

Do you know what your scrapbook style is?  A lot of scrappers struggle to answer that question.  Not me.  I'm textbook Clean and Simple.   

My layouts usually feature more than one picture, and the focus is always on the photos and the story.  My layouts are very linear and have lots of right angles. The patterned papers I use have small, subtle designs and any embellishments I use are unobtrusive.  I rarely have dimensional elements.

Here are a few of my older layouts that haven't appeared on my blog.  Each clearly shows my Clean and Simple style.

(The heart in the title is really difficult to see here, but is perfectly clear in real life.)

Pam Callaghan put together a great post at Ideas for Scrapbookers showcasing the different styles of each of the contributing artists.   Here's the graphic she made for me:

Anyone else out there Clean and Simple?  If not, what is your scrapbook style?


  1. I wish I knew....peeps tell me alllllll the time they can spot a Julie lo anywhere...but when I looks at my pages I feel I have several styles...depending on my mood or a challenge I am doing...hmmmmmm who knows? I wonder if I was to create a ton of non family lo's if peeps could tell if they were mine....lol :)

    Loveeeeeeeee your lo's I always love your style! :):):):):):):)

  2. I think your style is awesome! The grid-style layouts are clean and neat! :)

    My style is freestyle...depends on my mood!

  3. I think your pages are really cool Cindy. I really liked that post on IFS too. It was really fun to be a part of it!

  4. I love love love your style. I aspire to it but usually go astray along the way! The "I love school" and "avid reader" are layouts of yours that I bookmarked on sb. Whenever I think of a true clean and simple style, I think of you. You are the master!


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